Internal Bleeding Invented Slam — Period.

Who Invented Slam?

Many metal historians will credit different bands with the creation of the ‘slam’ genre in death metal. The simple truth is that Internal Bleeding coined the term (as applied to deathmetal) in 1992 and began defining their music as “Total Fucking Slam” long before any other band even contemplated using the term — that is the truth. Ask anyone who was involved in the Long Island Scene back then and they’ll tell you — Internal Bleeding was using the word slam before anyone else.

History is Made in Huntington, New York

After practice one night in the fall of 1992, founding members Anthony Miola, Chris Pervelis and Bill Tolley decided to go out for a bite to eat. A lively discussion began about the direction and philosophy of the band. At the time, Internal Bleeding had described their music as “Barbaric Moshing Death Vomit,” but the band thought it wasn’t an apt description.

Mosh is for thrash bands. Mosh is weak,” drummer Bill Tolley said. Chris and Anthony nodded their heads in agreement. “We should call our music SLAM, ’cause that’s what we are. One slam riff after another after another. Our music is all groove. No one is doing that,” Bill said.

“Yeah, it’s Total Fucking Slam,” Chris chimed in. “That’s it!” said Anthony, “Total Fucking Slam it is.

The proof is in the print (see photo). This flyer is from late 1993, and from that day forward the word SLAM proliferated.

Who Invented slam?