Voracious Contempt

This is it — the album that defined the slam genre before anyone even knew what that there was such thing as a slam genre. This is the release that spawned hundreds of imitators — whether they want to admit it or not.

Eschewing speed and technicality, this release focused on intense grooves and riffs played over shifting beats and meters. At the time, this was a different approach to deathmetal, combining the genre’s signature blast beats and speedy double bass along with New York hardcore influences and even some hip-hop influences.

Critics didn’t  understand — or appreciate — the band’s approach, and many reviews were negative, dismissive and even hostile.

But the fans understood, and that’s what truly counts. Anyone who saw Internal Bleeding play live in support of this album knew something special was happening . They immediately grasped what the band was doing. And that is the ultimate review any band can garner.

The album is still a strong seller today, especially among deathmetal fans who are seeking to discover the roots of the slam genre.

Track Listing:

  1. Languish In Despair
  2. Anointed In Servitude
  3. Reflection Of Ignorance
  4. Epoch Of Barbarity
  5. Gutted Human Sacrifice
  6. God Of Subservience
  7. Prophet Of The Blasphemes
  8. Humanicide
  9. Inhuman Suffering
  10. Despoilment Of Rotting Flesh

Label: Pavement Music (1995)