The Extinction of Benevolence

This is Internal Bleeding’s most under appreciated album and the reasons for that are the poor distribution and financial problems Pavement Music was having at the time of its release.

While still mostly focused on groove, THE EXTINCTION OF BENEVOLENCE goes completely overboard on being heavy. Many of the songs feature slow, churning riffs with a sonic density that is as thick as wet cement.

Frank Rini’s vocals reach new levels of brutality on songs such as “The Extinction of Benevolence” and “Plagued by Catharsis,” and some of his deathly growls last close to one minute — completely uninterrupted.

The band’s founder Chris Pervelis considers this one of his favorite releases: “The album is just so goddamn heavy in all departments. It’s such a shame the production wasn’t as good as we wanted it and the album got poor promotion.”

Track Listing:

  1. The Extinction of Benevolence
  2. Ocular Introspection
  3. The Extinction Of Benevolence
  4. Prevaricate
  5. Ruthless Inhumanity
  6. Plagued By Catharsis
  7. Conformed To Obscurity
  8. Genetic Messiah
  9. Cycle Of Vehemence

Label: Pavement Music (1997)