Internal Bleeding Tour Wrap

It was a great three weeks with Jungle Rot!

In June of 2022, Internal Bleeding hit the road with Jungle Rot. After the success of last summer’s tour with Deicide, it felt good to get back out on the road, hit many of our favorite places, and hang out with all our fans and friends.

Ten Tour Highlights

  • Things kicked off in Cleveland with a fantastic show at No Class. Lots of old-school Internal Bleeding fans and friends showed up to celebrate the occasion, and it was a great way to start the tour.
  • A sold-out show in Boise, Idaho, featuring a young band named Barn, helped turn the night into a swirling mass of slamming humanity.
  • An outdoor fest at the Doll Hut in Anaheim, California, was an absolute rager of a show. It was a wild trip playing at night in a parking lot under the palm trees.
  • The show at Brick by Brick in San Diego was full of crazy fans. We’ve always had lousy equipment luck at that venue, and this show wasn’t any different. Chris McCarthy’s pedals decided to quit on him (last time we played there, his guitar input went!).
  • Los Angeles is always a highlight for us, and the show was great! We met up with many old friends and fans and had a hell of a time destroying the place.
  • Arizona’s sweaty Nile Underground show featured 110-degree heat, a packed room, and total intensity. One of the best shows on the tour!
  • Our last official tour show was in Wisconsin, and it was a barnburner! Kind of strange playing at a family steak house by day and a concert venue at night. Chris McCarthy thanked the audience at ‘Applebees’ for showing up and raging with us.
  • As usual, many friends, including Otto Larson, The Ocampos, the Stewarts, Matthias Joyce, and many others, stepped up with this tour’s hospitality. We cannot thank you all enough!
  • We received extraordinary gifts of bourbon, weed, cigars, hot sauce and arts and crafts from too many people to mention! We cannot thank you enough for their generosity!
  • Touring with Jungle Rot is a treat. Truly down-to-earth guys who know how to put on a hell of a show!

Tour Stats

  • Length: 20 days
  • Shows played: 18
  • Miles traveled: 10,279
  • Showers taken per band member: 4
  • Bottles of quality bourbon consumed: 11
  • Bottles of cheap bourbon consumed: 0
  • In and Out Burger stops: 7
  • Burritos eaten: 73
  • Marijuana consumed: REDACTED
  • Cumulative hours of sleep: 16
  • Cigars consumed: 47
  • Strings broken: 1
  • Amp blowouts: 1
  • Gallons of hot sauce consumed: 11
Internal Bleeding US Tour